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These Compositions by James Niblock are published by Brotons & Mercadal

Click on title to access Brotons & Mecadal website and availability.

Aria for violin and piano

Aria and Rondo for violin and piano

Canto for double bass and piano

Chamber Symphony for orchestra

Choral works for mixed choir [Two Introits, A clear midnight, None other Lamb, none other Name, Whither thou goest, I will go]

Christmas night (SATB, text by Ben Baldus)

Colloquy for clarinet, trumpet, percussion, and piano

Concertino for Leonard Falcone for solo euphonium and symphonic band

Concerto for violin and orchestra

Concerto for Violin, Clarinet, and Orchestra

Concerto No 2 for violin, clarinet, and orchestra

Concerto No 2 for violin, clarinet, and clarinet ensemble

Concerto No 3 for violin, clarinet, and orchestra

Concerto for double bass and wind orchestra

Clarinet Quadradecatet for 14 clarinets

Clarolin Variations for violin and clarinet

Elegy for string orchestra

Fanfare for brass and percussion

Four Vignettes
, for clarinet and piano

The Last Leaf, opera in 1 act (score)

The Last Leaf (vocal score)

MSU Fight Song arranged for string quartet

Pastel for harp and chamber orchestra

Pentangle for flute, English horn, and guitar

Poco a poco, fuoco for double bass and piano

Quintet for oboe, horn, violin, viola, and violoncello

Rondino for band

Ruth and Naomi, opera in 1 act

Soaring, for clarinet and piano

Soliloquy for solo violin and string orchestra

Sonata for oboe and piano

Sonata for violin and viola

String Quartet

Symphonic Overture for orchestra

Three Miniatures for oboe and violoncello

Three Songs from Hildegard of Bingen for voice and piano

Three American Dances for orchestra

Trio Fantasy on Dvorak's Romanza for violin, clarinet, and piano

Two choral works: Song & Dirge (SATB)

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