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Text and captions by Howard


1930s in the mountains near where dad grew up. He's on the left, followed by his brother Russ, his father (also Russell), his aunt Vallee and uncle Sam. I cannot identify the 2 men on the right.

My parents met when they were assigned to be stand partners in the 1st violin section of the Colorado Springs Symphony. Here they are photographed with the orchestra's conductor, Frederick Boothroyd in 1946

I1946 was also the year my parents began their association with Joe Gingold.

Joe Gingold with his violin studio in 1946 or 1947. Gingold is at the upper left next to my dad and my mom. At the lower left [not looking at the camera] is a very young Joseph Silverstein; my parents only ever referred to him as "joey."

String quartet, MSU faculty circa 1950: L to R Alexander Schuster, Lyman Bodman, Romeo Tata, and James Niblock

Dad and me in the summer of 1952. Photo taken on the front porch of my maternal grandmother's home in Colorado Springs.

MSU composition faculty, 1950s: Owen Reed, James Niblock, and Paul Harder.

Family photo in the yard of the Lyle, WA house where dad grew up; nicely dated 1963! Seated L to R my sister Cindy [age 6], dad, my cousin Ted. Behind the bench are my paternal grandparents, my mother, my cousin Russell, and my aunt and uncle Vera and Russ.

The chief of the music school "dresses down" for his solo performance! 1970s

My parents with Leonard and Beryl Falcone at the Blue Lake in Bavaria camp in Rottenbuch. Early 1980s

Harry Begian, James Niblock, Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr, and J. D. Parr. Photographed at "Nibhaven" in Whitehall, MI.

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